Often times,  word of mouth customer references comes from their friends,  family members,  employers,  or co-workers which is a safe and sure way of getting to know who is good in the industry to call for whenever you need to contract a vendor for whatever you may need.

The internet can be a place where the inexperienced can often get burn due to websites only dealing with e-mails without any phone numbers for you to call.   In the old days, legitimate businesses would have to be in the yellow pages because if you didn’t have a yellow page listing, you weren’t legit.   Now days, the internet is a place where you can get a lot of information, but the question is how do you use that information and is it true?

If you look at some websites, you will have a customer comments section in the websites.   Whether it is legit or bogus, it is for you to find out and judge the website by its contents.

Last Minute CPR & First Aid is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau of Hawaii with the logo of the Better Business Bureau of Hawaii on the home page of this website for you to click in and check out this business.   Often times, I use this link to find other businesses that I want information on before I make my final decision upon using a business.

On the internet, there are many comments and blog reviews of people that may have use businesses in the past.  Unfortunately, usually there aren’t any contact phone numbers for you to call and you wonder if these comments are legit or bogus.

Last Minute CPR & First Aid has found many comments and reviews that people posted on the internet and has listed the comments and reviews that Last Minute CPR & First Aid feels is true.  –  “Real People, Real Reviews.”

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Good reviews, bad reviews, I’m a Hollywood Celebrity.   One thing is for certain,  I been in business since the 80’s and since my customers keep on coming back to me to learn CPR and First Aid,  I quote and somehow feel, “I must be doing something right”.

So please review this website and its contents and when you are serious about learning CPR and First Aid or buying uniforms and supplies, then call me with your inquires rather than wasting your time calling everybody else.

“If you found a great service, then why change.  People only change when they had a bad experience due to poor service.”

Please click here to email us your comments and reviews of our classes. We appreciate your feedback.


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